So, How Much Wood WOULD a Woodchuck chuck?

In my few spare moments during a busy day of drafting and other CAD Manager duties, I love to roam the fields at the back of my employer’s property.  I’ve taken a lot of my pictures back there, because there is a lot more going on that meets the eye.

The last few days I’ve been watching some young woodchucks, and their mother, crawling around on some felled trees that were placed back there for the deer to munch on.  I’ve seen one large woodchuck on the property several time over the last few years, living in a very large burrow near the back of the property.  It’s a good thing I spotted the hole, because it’s large enough to fall into and seriously hurt your leg.

While I would not want to get too close to any of these varmints, I do think they are cute…. so naturally I took some pictures.  Here they are for your enjoyment.


Lake & Field Photography | Dow Gardens Walks

A visit to Dow Gardens in Midland Michigan, and a slide show of sights from the gardens.

Source: Lake & Field Photography | Dow Gardens Walks

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Hawaiian Paradise

Hello again!

In June of 2016, my wife and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary.  Since we wanted to do something special, we took a two week vacation in Hawaii.  We had never been before, and will likely never go again, so I wanted to capture as much of the scenery as I could.  I came home with two memory cards filled with well over a thousand images.  Many were duplicates, as you can imagine.  It is so easy to just click the shutter and fire off four or five images at a time.  The trouble comes later when you have to decide which ones are the best!

We spent the first week in a small rental on the beach in Laie.  We wanted to avoid the noise and craziness of Honolulu.  I didn’t come to Hawaii to stay in a big city.  We DID visit Honolulu, of course.  We stood on Waikiki Beach, like good tourists.  We took a bus tour of the city and stopped at some of the key sites.  One of the best things we saw, in my opinion, was the Coast Guard station where my father had been stationed back in the early 1950’s.

We also did the Pearl Harbor tours, and that was really something to see.  The Arizona Memorial was very touching, it was just something to stand in that spot.  And the bullet holes STILL in the glass of the aircraft hangers.  Wow.  Stood in front of the “Hawaii 5-0” building (like good tourists), and ate a Nathan’s hot dog from a nearby street vendor.  Decidedly NOT a Hawaiian tradition.  And of course we attended a luau and tried poi… once.

After our week in Oahu, we jumped onto a cruise ship and did a circle tour of the big island, Maui and Kauai.  We toured the Volcanoes National Park, took a drive on the road to Hana, and rented a car and drove to Waimea Canyon.  I could go on for about another two or three pages, but I’ll let some of the pictures I took do the rest of the talking.

As always, these images are all original and are ©Lake & Field Photography.

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Winter Beauty

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m not a fan of winter.  I’m the guy who, whenever it snows, tells people not to dare say how pretty it is.  But even a grumpus like me can’t deny there is beauty in a snow covered landscape.  I just don’t like driving in or shoveling the snow!  Here are some of my favorite winter images for your enjoyment… now bring on Spring!


New Flickr Website

Hello again.

I’ve opened up a new Flickr site to share some of my favorite photos all in one place.  This doesn’t mean I won’t post them here as well.  In here I can post a small grouping and tell the stories behind them.  On Flickr you just get the pictures.  Feel free to look them over and like or comment on them.  Or come back here and let me know which ones are your favorites.

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Welcome readers….

Hey everyone!  Welcome to my new blog page.  This site will be a place for me to share some of the pictures I take, and ramble on about whatever comes in to my head.  As a photographer, I’m still learning a lot.  I use a Nikon D3300, with an assortment of lenses and filters, and gadgets.  I love gadgets.  Like my new(ish) GoPro Hero 4… you might see some videos from that once in a while in here.

Mainly I take pictures in nature.  Hence the name Lake & Field.  I live on a lake, so I take a lot of pictures near or on the water.  In the summer we get some gorgeous sunsets across the lake, so I may be posting way too many sunset pictures.  The field comes from my love of wild flowers and the creatures who live among them.  Insects such as bees (especially bumble bees), grasshoppers, spiders and butterflies.  Wildlife like deer, woodchucks, foxes and whatever else may wander by.

I also love architecture.  Which is weird because I went into mechanical design and not architectural design… but, oh well.  Maybe I just like looking at and photographing interesting buildings more than I would enjoy designing them.  No offense to the many fine people I’ve met over the years who are architects.

Anyway, check in here from time to time, or better yet click the button to join my mailing list below.  I promise I won’t spam you!  You’ll just get a notification when I post something new.  I hope you enjoy the pictures!  Feel free to comment if you do, if not… 😉  This grouping is a sampling from our vacation to Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula last summer.



All original images ©Lake & Field Photography

New Artwork by Chris Benner

Nature/Wildlife/Landscape Photos

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