So, How Much Wood WOULD a Woodchuck chuck?

In my few spare moments during a busy day of drafting and other CAD Manager duties, I love to roam the fields at the back of my employer’s property.  I’ve taken a lot of my pictures back there, because there is a lot more going on that meets the eye.

The last few days I’ve been watching some young woodchucks, and their mother, crawling around on some felled trees that were placed back there for the deer to munch on.  I’ve seen one large woodchuck on the property several time over the last few years, living in a very large burrow near the back of the property.  It’s a good thing I spotted the hole, because it’s large enough to fall into and seriously hurt your leg.

While I would not want to get too close to any of these varmints, I do think they are cute…. so naturally I took some pictures.  Here they are for your enjoyment.


Lake & Field Photography | Squirrels: Pesky Rodents or Cute Little Buggers

An intro to my love of squirrels.

Source: Lake & Field Photography | Squirrels: Pesky Rodents or Cute Little Buggers