I Love These Flowers – Part 2 – Sunflowers

“they are capable of conveying several moods, depending on the size, shape, colors and the surroundings”


First things first…. welcome to the new and improved format for my blog!  I’m trying to keep things fresh and new looking.  I’ve also changed and updated the format for my Zenfolio site, follow the link at the top of the page to view, follow or shop for prints.

Now!…. onto the main attraction.  The sunflowers.  I just love these things.  They follow along with my pattern of really enjoying the yellow flowers.  I think that they are capable of conveying several moods, depending on the size, shape, colors and the surroundings.  In bright sun, against a deep blue sky they seem happy and uplifting.  With grey clouds around them, standing tall and proud, they seem almost defiant and just a bot sad.  Anyway, that’s how they look to me.  I’d be interested in hearing the moods they elicit from you.

Here are some of my favorites to date, and I am always on the lookout, so stay tuned for more down the line.  I hope you enjoy these.


I Love These Flowers – Part 1 – Black Eyed Susan

There is just something about the contrast of yellow and black.  I think it is safe to say that yellow flowers are my favorites.  Against a blue sky, or the  background of a green field.

I’m showing three of my favorites here, in some randomly selected frames from my websites.  Trust me there are many different options available, including different frame and mat options as well as metallic, acrylic, canvas and wood print options.  Also available are several options for gifts for the flower lover in your life.  Items such as greeting cards, tote bags, towels and many others.

I can also make custom items (at least some).  If you love the picture but don’t see the item or format you’d like it in, contact me and I will see what I can do.  I can’t imagine these not brightening up any room, or someone’s life.  I hope you love these as much as I do.

Up next…. Sunflowers, another of my favorites!

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Limited Time Promotion: Black Eyed Susan In Field Stretched Canvas Print

Buy a 14.00 x 11.00 stretched canvas print of my Black Eyed Susan in Field for $70.00. Only 10 prints remaining. Offer expires on 07/30/2018.

Source: Limited Time Promotion: Black Eyed Susan In Field Stretched Canvas Print

Lake & Field Photography | Great sky pictures…

Check out my latest post on Zenfolio. I’ve just posted a slide show of some of my favorite sky pictures.  All available for sale as prints, framed art and gift items.  Take a look, visit the shop, like your favorite images, and order something great for your walls or for a gift for that special someone.  Thanks!

Source: Lake & Field Photography | Great sky pictures…

So, How Much Wood WOULD a Woodchuck chuck?

In my few spare moments during a busy day of drafting and other CAD Manager duties, I love to roam the fields at the back of my employer’s property.  I’ve taken a lot of my pictures back there, because there is a lot more going on that meets the eye.

The last few days I’ve been watching some young woodchucks, and their mother, crawling around on some felled trees that were placed back there for the deer to munch on.  I’ve seen one large woodchuck on the property several time over the last few years, living in a very large burrow near the back of the property.  It’s a good thing I spotted the hole, because it’s large enough to fall into and seriously hurt your leg.

While I would not want to get too close to any of these varmints, I do think they are cute…. so naturally I took some pictures.  Here they are for your enjoyment.

Lake & Field Photography | Dow Gardens Walks

A visit to Dow Gardens in Midland Michigan, and a slide show of sights from the gardens.

Source: Lake & Field Photography | Dow Gardens Walks

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Lake & Field Photography | Wall Art and Gift Idea Samples

New blog post on my Zenfolio site, take a look!

A look at how some of my photos might look in the real world, and ideas on where they might fit into your decor.

Source: Lake & Field Photography | Wall Art and Gift Idea Samples